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Is Hyperion a SaaS?

The Oracle EPM Cloud uses these models, but, when it comes to moving Hyperion to the cloud, we're mostly referring to SaaS. All the Oracle EPM Cloud solutions are on the SaaS model. PaaS may come up — we'll cover that in more detail in the next section of this blog post.

It operates on a software-as-a-service model, making it a great option if you want the flexibility to scale your business without the headaches of new infrastructure and personnel. You can use its long list of modules and customization tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs, no matter your size or industry. If we singled out one thing users praise the most in the NetSuite reviews, it would be the software’s robust analytics. SuiteAnalytics provides a real-time view of the performance of your company across different departments including marketing, sales, finance, and fulfillment. The platform uses customized role-based dashboards for personalized insights. With this solution, you don’t have to worry about multiple data versions because everything comes from a single centralized data repository.

NetSuite Review PROS & CONS ( – Best Business Management Software?

With so many features available, NetSuite has a moderate learning curve; however, the company tries to simplify navigation as much as possible netsuite erp review with a logical UI. Paid customer support plans and training are available if you need extra assistance with learning the software.

This ERP’s end-to-end manufacturing software solution can help you run your entire business and make better-informed decisions. Oracle NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning platform that comes with a robust financial management solution. Although some custom packages and pricing options are available, NetSuite’s baseline package costs $999 a month plus $99 per user, which will likely strain the budgets of smaller companies. NetSuite offers the same flexibility as most other platforms in the way of add-on modules, user seats, and length of contract.


Just be prepared to fill out a short form with information about yourself and your business. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Inventory records can contain an image of the item, which is handy when you have items that are similar but not identical. NetSuite includes bin tracking for pick lists and, for those who need bar coding, that’s also supported. The product is very flexible and can adjust to the customer’s needs.

The client saw a lot of elimination of manual steps that they were doing in their old system. The acceptance of a lot of best practices made even just basic monthly closing a lot simpler and a lot quicker.

Is there an app for NetSuite ERP?

Those are pre-internet era technologies that were proprietary. ERP vendors used to want to be proprietary because that way, nobody could copy their software. It was considered a security measure against somebody duplicating the discs and reselling them.

Is Oracle Cloud an ERP system?

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a complete, modern, cloud ERP suite that provides your teams with advanced capabilities, such as AI to automate the manual processes that slow them down, analytics to react to market shifts in real time, and automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

It’s simple to see the suppliers, labor, and expenses for each project that you have. The resources feature can be used to give tasks and projects to various contractors and employees. A predictable recurring revenue stream can make or break a company in today’s economy–but to manage it effectively, sales, service and finance must partner closely. Track costs and eliminate errors by creating a complete business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables. Improve employee collaboration and help business processes flow more smoothly through powerful group-calendaring capabilities, calendar sharing, and the development of schedules for each project or activity.

Conclusion… Read more about (Why Not) NetSuite here

Oracle NetSuite is our choice as the best accounting software within an ERP platform because of its robust services that can drive a business’s entire financial management needs. One of their strongest business intelligence and finance features is SuiteBilling, advertised as the industry’s first unified order-to-billing-to-revenue recognition solution on the cloud.

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