Markham, Ontario, Canada

Markham, Ontario, Canada

Markham (/ˈmɑːrkəm/) is a city in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Downtown Toronto. In the 2016 Census, Markham had a population of 328,940, which ranked it the largest in York Region, fourth largest in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and 16th largest in Canada.

The city gained its name from the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe (in office 1791–1796), who named the area after his friend, William Markham, the Archbishop of York from 1776 to 1807.

Indigenous people lived in the area of present-day Markham for thousands of years before Europeans arrived in the area. The first European settlement in Markham occurred when William Berczy, a German artist and developer, led a group of approximately sixty-four German families to North America. While they planned to settle in New York, disputes over finances and land tenure led Berczy to negotiate with Simcoe for 64,000 acres (260 km2) in Markham Township in 1794. Since the 1970s, Markham rapidly shifted from being an agricultural community to an industrialized municipality due to urban sprawl from neighbouring Toronto. Markham changed its status from town to city on July 1, 2012.

As of 2013, tertiary industry mainly drives Markham. As of 2010, “business services” employed the largest proportion of workers in Markham – nearly 22% of its labour force. The city also has over 1,000 technology and life-sciences companies, with IBM as the city’s largest employer. Several multinational companies have their Canadian headquarters in Markham, including: Honda Canada, Hyundai, Advanced Micro Devices, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Avaya, IBM, Motorola, Oracle, Toshiba, Toyota Financial Services, Huawei, Honeywell and Scholastic Canada.

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You need to head southwest, then turn left onto Town Centre Blvd followed by a left turn onto Cedarland Dr and then turn right onto Warden Ave./York Regional Rd 65. Next is to do a right turn at Enterprise Blvd and on the left is the Markham Fire Department.

Markham Fire Department

Markham Fire Department, 8100 Warden Ave., Unionville, ON L6G 1B4, Canada

Markham Fire Department is located in Unionville, Ontario, and was founded in 2004. This business is working in the following industry: Firefighting and rescue. 

Located immediately north of Toronto in York Region, the Town of Markham is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Ontario. According to the 2011 Canada Census, Markham has over 301,000 inhabitants in an area of 212.47 square kilometres, an increase of 15% since the 2006 Census. Originally a rural area with three separate villages (Markham, Thornhill and Unionville), the area has been extensively developed since the end of the Second World War. The northern portion of the town (north of Major Mackenzie Drive) is still mostly rural, but much of it is earmarked for future development.

The Village of Markham was created in 1873 from a portion of Markham Township. It was located in the area of what is now Main Street (Markham Road) and Highway 7. In 1971, municipal restructuring created the Regional Municipality of York. The then-Town of Markham was amalgamated with portions of Markham Township to create an enlarged Town of Markham, at which point the Markham Township Fire Department became part of the Markham FD. The municipality was re-designated as a city in 2012


You first need to head northeast, then turn left onto Warden Ave./York Regional Rd 65 followed by a left turn onto Clegg Rd and then another left turn onto Rodick Rd. Next is to turn right and do one more right turn and on the left is the First Markham Centre.

First Markham Centre, 21 Fairburn Dr, Markham, ON L6G 0A4, Canada

First Markham Place is an Asian shopping mall located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. It is located on the south side of Highway 7, east of Woodbine Avenue and west of Warden Avenue. The mall opened in 1998, one year after the opening of Pacific Mall, the largest Asian shopping mall in the Western world, which is also located in Markham. The mall’s opening also coincided with a large influx of Chinese immigrants to Canada.

The mall currently has over 170 stores and services including the anchor tenants Oomomo, a Japanese home goods store, and FreshWay Foodmart, an Asian supermarket. There is a foodcourt with 24 vendors in the centre of the mall along with 23 sit-down restaurants outside that are attached to the mall.

The mall once had a 68,000 square feet (6,300 m2) Cineplex Odeon movie theatre until it moved in 2015 to the new Cineplex Cinemas and VIP in Downtown Markham. The space remained empty for nearly four years due to the difficulty of levelling the floors after the theatre left. There was a 9 feet (2.7 m) difference between the front and the rear area. The space is now occupied by Go Place, an Asian pool and spa complex. The complex contains seven pools and has a focus on water therapy.

The mall also had a 52,300 square feet (4,860 m2) Home Outfitters, a defunct Canadian home decor chain. It closed in fall 2018. The space is now occupied by FreshWay Supermarket since fall 2020.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Ontario implemented a state of emergency which ordered the mall to shut down. For a brief period, despite the mall being closed, customers were allowed into the mall to access the food court. However, tables and chairs were off limits to customers, therefore food had to be consumed elsewhere. Soon after, mall management prohibited customers from entering the mall to go to the food court while continuing to allow venders to prepare food inside the mall. To serve customers, venders had to move outside near the entrances. Due to the restrictions, venders suffered greater difficulty running their businesses because of less customers, lack of protection from poor weather conditions, and difficulty with advertising without proper signage.


You need to head south toward Yorktech Dr, then turn right onto Yorktech Dr followed by a right turn onto Woodbine Ave/York Regional Rd 8 and then turn left onto Valleywood Dr. Next is to turn right onto Renfrew Dr, then turn right and on the right side is the Heritage Schoolhouse Museum & Archives.

Heritage Schoolhouse Museum & Archives, 21 Renfrew Dr, Markham, ON L3R 8H3, Canada

The York Region District School Board Museum and Archives (Heritage Schoolhouse Museum & Archives) is located at the Heritage Schoolhouse in Markham.  In addition to collecting and preserving the history of education in York Region, we offer a range of programs for students. These include our popular grade three Schoolhouse Experience where students experience a day in the life of a student in 1900.

If you are doing historical research or planning an event for a York Region school, please contact us.  Our collection includes school equipment, attendance registers, photographs, administrative papers, curriculum guidelines, student work, furniture, and textbooks.

Our reference library is available for research into the history of education and of York Region.  


First is to head west toward Renfrew Dr, then turn left onto Renfrew Dr and then turn right onto Valleywood Dr. Next is to turn left onto Allstate Pkwy followed by a right turn onto The Seneca Way and on the right is the Seneca College Markham Campus.

Seneca College Markham Campus

Seneca College Markham Campus, 8 The Seneca Way, Markham, ON L3R 5Y1, Canada

The Seneca of today was a long time coming. When the College first opened its doors in 1967, classes were offered at a number of sites including a former Woolworth store and a renovated factory.

Ground was turned in 1968 to create Seneca’s first permanent location on Finch Avenue East at Highway 404. The modest building grew in phases over the years and is today named after our founding president William Newnham.

At the same time, Seneca created its Buttonville Campus to house its aviation program. Since then, the College’s fleet has grown to include a total of 19 planes (single and twin engine), as well as simulators that allow students to gain experience in single engine planes and multi-crew jet aircrafts.

The 700-acre King Campus, the former estate owned by the Eaton Family, followed in 1971.


First is to head west on The Seneca Way toward Norman Bethune Ave, then drive from Leslie St/York Regional Rd 12 and Major MacKenzie Dr./York Regional Rd 25 to Richmond Hill. You must turn left onto Norman Bethune Ave, then turn right onto East Beaver Creek Rd and then turn right onto Leslie St/York Regional Rd 12. Next is to turn left onto Major MacKenzie Dr./York Regional Rd 25 followed by a right turn onto Newkirk Rd and then a left turn onto Crosby Ave. You must then continue straight, do a slight left and then a left turn and on the left side is the Awesome Physiotherapy Of Richmond Hill.