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The Massage Therapy team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or services, so scroll down for more information.

It all does depend on what each need, but we recommend no less than once per month, if not multiple times within that time frame. Also, some people need to have regular treatment (weekly or monthly). At the same time, some may only require one massage therapy session every few months. All messages will be different depending on your current needs and the type of massage you prefer.

Massages are safe and beneficial for several reasons, including but not limited too – stress relief, back pain relief, arthritis management & prevention. We offer complimentary consultations before each session, so there are no surprises about what type of massage therapy techniques may be involved beforehand.

Massages vary in their techniques and duration depending on what each individual is looking for. All massage therapists will ask you more questions at the time of booking your appointment to determine the type of massage that would be most beneficial for your needs!

Let us help determine this! Each massage therapist we have is skilled in various techniques that can cater to anyone’s need or preference, so don’t hesitate to ask when booking an appointment by phone at (905) 883-4081.

Massages can last from 30 minutes up to an hour, depending on what you’re looking for in your session. The duration of the massages session will be determined during a discussion with your massage therapist when booking your appointment, so there’s no need to worry about finding yourself in overdrive if you arrive late!

Massages have been shown to improve sleep, relieve anxiety, help with depression symptoms, increase blood circulation, boost the immune system, and reduce muscle pain & stiffness in your joints while increasing range of motion and flexibility throughout your entire body. Massage also increases joint lubrication by releasing endorphins into our bodies, and it may provide relief from allergies or migraines.

Ask yourself why it was that this particular type of Massaging therapy wasn’t effective for you. Massage therapists attend school and are trained to work with many different types of massage styles – some will be more beneficial than others depending on what your needs may be, so if it’s not working the first time around, just let them know that they can try a new type of massage therapy session next time. We offer all kinds of therapeutic treatments, from deep tissue massage therapy to sports injuries and everything in between.

Massages Therapist is more than happy to discuss massage therapy specials with you when booking an appointment. Contact us today!

What is the difference between manual therapy and massage therapy?

Massages are a form of manual therapy. Massage therapists are trained and certified in various massage techniques that can be used to help relieve pain, reduce stress levels, increase energy or just relax muscles after an intense workout!

Massaging your varicose veins is a safe and effective way to tone the vein walls, remove toxins from congested lymphatic tissue in an area of congestion, decrease pain, reduce swelling and improve circulation.

Massages can be helpful for divers who want to reduce their risk of getting decompression sickness. Massage therapy reduces inflammation and helps the body recover from any injuries that were sustained during a dive.

Massage therapy and physiotherapy are so similar that many people use the terms interchangeably. Physiotherapy is geared towards helping those with orthopedic problems, and massage therapists generally focus on the body’s muscles, joints, and soft tissues. In contrast, a chiropractor is more focused on spinal adjustment or manipulation.

Massage appointments at our locations are booked with an auto-pay option which requires 24 hours notice for any cancellations without charge. If you have not canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, we may charge a no show fee to cover administrative costs incurred by us as well as lost revenue from missed opportunities in our schedule that could result in distress to other clients who would then also need to reschedule their massage therapy sessionNewark’S Most Reliable and Trusted Dumpster Rental Companys. We do understand that every now and again, life will get busy. However, if this becomes too much of an ongoing problem, we’ll regretfully need to ask you to find another massage therapist.

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