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Mill Pond ParkRichmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, is a municipality in the south-central York Region. It has a population of 195,022. It is located in the Greater Toronto Area and is the third-most populous municipality. It also happens to be the 28th most populous municipality in Canada. Richmond Hill lies between Vaughan and Markham, north of Thornhill and Aurora.

Since the 1990s, Richmond Hill has experienced significant population growth. The City was previously known as The Town of Richmond Hill. It changed to The City of Richmond Hill in March 2019. The David Dunlap Observatory telescope is located in the City. It is the largest telescope in Canada.


Richmond Hill began as a small settlement in Vaughan and Markham. The development of Yonge Street was closely tied to the creation of the City. It was designed primarily by John Graves Simcoe as a military road. Simcoe was the first Lieutenant-Governor in the Province of Upper Canada.

Official incorporation of the City as a village was done on June 18, 1872. The first Council Meeting took place on January 1, 1873, under the direction of Abraham Law as Revive. Richmond Hill was developed due to its proximity to Toronto. Farmers came to City to get to Toronto markets, and people traveled up Yonge Street from other communities.

In Richmond Hill, large-scale greenhouse operations were established in the early 20th century. Rose growing made the City the “rose capital” in Canada. The motto of the Duke Of Richmond, after whom the City was named, was adopted by the village council in the 1920s. William Ashford Wright was a local artist and carriage painter who created a City Crest that featured elements from the Duke of Richmond’s coat-of-arms and roses.

Statistics Canada data showed that Richmond Hill is still one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities. In 2014, the City had a population of more than 200,000.

The “Town of Richmond Hill,” as it was known, was renamed by Richmond Hill Council in March 2019. This name change impacts how the municipality perceives itself and others.

Richmond Hill has been a unique community over the years. It is a place of great change but also with deep historical roots. Richmond Hill has maintained a friendly, earthy vibe even during the most significant growth period to date. This is why Richmond Hill’s unofficial motto says, “A little north is a little nicer.”

Mill Pond Park 

Mill Pond Park is a popular area for outdoor recreation and entertainment. You’ll find many places to relax and enjoy the view from the pond, including a playground, trail and boardwalk, and a gazebo. There are also washrooms and parking.

Mill Pond is a beautiful place to skate and play hockey in the winter. Make sure you check the safety of the ice before you go. The sign is located at the south end of the pond.

You will find a significant amount of wildlife at Mill Pond Park.

This includes forest areas, marshlands, and wetland habitats. You can also see many different types of waterfowl and sweet songbirds.

The park has been designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA). It is an excellent birding spot because it contains habitat for various species.

Mill Pond Park is also home to:

  • Concerts in Park: Enjoy outdoor shows at Mill Pond Park during the warmer months. Richmond Hill’s Concerts in the Park are free to attend and always include great family-friendly entertainment.
  • The Winter Carnival:  Richmond Hill’s annual Winter Carnival is a fun event hosted in Mill Pond Park. The festival has grown since its inception.
  • Mill Pond Splash Event: Mill Pond gets exceptionally crowded during the summer. Bring your family to the park for some water fun during this free event!
  • Boating: During the summer, you can rent boats at Mill Pond. Enjoy a relaxing day on the water with friends and family. The park also rents canoes and kayaks. Just make sure you call ahead to reserve a boat.

The Millennium Garden is located just south of the main parking area. It provides a beautiful space for picnics and parties. There is also a smaller area located near the playground.

Mill Pond Park can be found at Trench Street and Mill Street.

Mill Pond Park Renewal Projects.

Richmond Hill is conducting two studies to assess the possibility of Mill Pond Park’s rehabilitation and renewal. Stormwater Environmental Assessments will be performed to determine stormwater drainage and propose rehabilitation options. Both projects will be combined to improve the park’s overall condition. To guide the gradual revitalization of the park and stormwater management work, a Park Revitalization Master Plan is being prepared.

Mill Pond

Mill Pond is named after the mill operation in the pond. Because it was one of the many factors that made Richmond Hill attractive in the late 1800s, the sawmill is integral to our cultural heritage.

The mill pond is 1.39 hectares and 1.2 meters deep at its deepest point. Directly east of the mill pond is a smaller wetland area, which runs along Trench Street to Mill Street.

The Millennium Garden Park is located just south of the main parking area, along Millstone Lane. It is home to two heritage trees and many species of local wildlife.

Mill Pond Park was named a Heritage Conservation District in December 2007 and benefits from increased protection under this designation. The park also contains two Heritage Trees: a Silver Maple and Norway Maple. Richmond Hill is committed to protecting its heritage resources through the Town’s Heritage Tree Protection By-law adopted in 2000.

During the winter, the Snowflake Kingdom located at Mill Pond hosts free family activities every Saturday and Sunday from 10 is to 6 pm. You can enjoy ice skating, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, sled hockey, shinny hockey, lessons, and more! It’s an excellent place for your family to come and play during the winter months.

Mill Pond Park is a beautiful space for relaxation and recreation. This park has something for everyone with the many trails, fishing spots, picnic areas, benches to sit on during family gatherings, or just one’s thoughts! We hope you enjoy your time here as much as we do! To get more information, please visit their website.

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